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Your Kind Words and Support Over the Past 28 Years Fill Our Hearts with Joy!


"Gerber" Baby Approved!

"Best bread sticks in West Michigan! Love their buffet, the whole family can pick their flavor."


"This is the best sauce I have ever had. The pizza is good and the bread sticks are even better. Service is top notch. Been going to Spanky's for years and always a great experience. Keep it up!."



"No restaurant can beat the breadstix here. Absolutely delicious. Spanky's pizza has a sweeter, thicker tomato sauce. It's a refreshing change from the bland, watered down sauces the big pizza chains use. Highly recommend Spanky's!."


"There is no other pizza place around that can compare to Spanky's Pizza. Pretty sad I have moved so far away..."


"I have lived in a lot of different places, and I have yet to find another restaurant that even compares to Spanky's breadsticks. Every time I come home, they are a must have!! The pizza is good too, but the bread sticks are honestly an addiction. Pro tip: ask for extra crunchies! ;) The restaurant itself is new, has a room for private events, a buffet if you're into that, it's definitely a small town feel & the employees do a good job. There's a location in Ludington too, if that is closer for you, it is much much smaller though."


"Our absolute favorite breadsticks! We drive from GR on occasion just for those."


"Thank you Spanky's for the fast and friendly delivery. You breadstix are Amazing, you made my day."


"The bread sticks are the best, the pricing is very good, and they had a good selection of different kinds of pizza at the buffet. They have a drive through which is nice, and the staff is really nice. I've personally never had a bad experience at Spankys Pizza and I have been there many times. It a very nice, clean environment. I highly recommend Spankys Pizza if your looking for the best pizza and bread sticks around."


"Delicious pizza, but the bread sticks? Let me tell you, sister, they are something. The service was fast and friendly. They do have a buffet, but we did not partake.."


Perfect Place to Spend Independence Day!

A night out with the Family..& Elvis.

Spanky's Fire Prevention Day was a Success!

"Marshal"is ready for some Pizza!


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